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Frequent Questions

No, it is not necessary to send a paper as a requirement to participate in InSEA Regional Latin America 2018 Congress. However, after the congress is over, Universidad Alberto Hurtado expects to publish a selection of works. The authors of the selected works will be contact later.

Yes. Please write an email requesting this letter to:, indicating the name of the person to whom the letter should be addressed and the title of your  presentation.

We do not have funds to cover costs related to the Congress. However, InSEA and EDUCARTE members have discounts in the congress’ enrolment fee.

Yes, but, it is required to send an email requesting the incorporation of the co-author to:

Communicate directly with them indicating you will attend InSEA 2018 conference (in Spanish: “asistiré al Congreso InSEA 2018”). Here is the contact information:

HOTEL NERUDA: Giannina Guajardo:

Contacto HOTEL STANDFOR:  Ariel Venegas:

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